Monday, August 19, 2013

Remembering Ray Stephens

Ray StephensThe Austin College community mourns the death of senior trustee and 1950 alumnus Dr. G. Raymond Stephens, Jr., and offers sympathy to his wife, Betty, and their four children, Susan ’79, Martha ’80, John ’83, and David.

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  1. I've had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Stephens at countless Austin College events for nearly 30 years. I cannot recall one instance of interaction when he was not kind and gracious, regardless of the circumstances. My condolences to his family in this time.
    -- Vickie Kirby

  2. I agree with Vickie. Dr. Stephens was always friendly and easy to talk to. He and his wife Betty have been models of generosity and service to the college. Thank God for people like Ray Stephens. He will be missed.--Patrick Duffey

  3. Dr. Stephens,and Betty, not only embrace but model true servant leadership. Ray will be greatly missed, although his legacy will continue for generations---Mike Hutchison

  4. Kris Berry McKinneyAugust 20, 2013 at 9:32 PM

    Ray and Betty were honored this summer as they wrapped up the Texoma Annual Austin College Campaign. Many "locals" celebrated the Stephens leadership as the committee had surpassed their goal of $550,000 by $50,000+. He was proud of his Alma mater and his community that supported it. He gave the praise and the thanks to everyone else, but he had worked hard to make it happen.

    It was the last time most of us would see Ray.

    Ray Stephens lived his life as a devoted son, a dedicated husband, a compassionate physician and a loving father. He could have practiced medicine anywhere in the country, but he came back to his hometown of Sherman. What a difference he has made in the lives of so many, and what a difference he will continue to make.

    Looking back, that AC campaign was titled "Excellence in Your Backyard". Ray Stephens, you were a perfect example.

  5. Ray Stephens represented the very best qualities everyone seeks in ourselves, and in each other. Always a gentleman. Always a smile. Always thoughtful and prepared. Always asking about you and yours. Always sharing about his family with a humble pride that was so honestly justified. Getting to know Ray over the years made it easy to understand the class and character of his son John who was my classmate. Ray Stephens was a gift to all of us -- a shining example of a life well lived, blessed as he blessed so many along the way. My thoughts and prayers to the Stephens Family.

    1. Ray Stevens was my example of agape love on the Austin College Board. He never expected anything in return, he contributed his time and money for the best reasons.
      He was a great example of what Austin College hopes their graduates will grow into.
      All in all a blessing to Austin College , Sherman, his famuly, friends, patients and beneficaries.
      Our best to Betty and her family as they deal with his loss.

  6. My heart aches at the loss of Ray Stevens. Throughout my tenure on the Austin College Board, it was always a joy to see his smiling face and engage in warm, friendly conversation with this lovely man. He set a wonderful example for everyone. I extend my deepest sympathy to Betty and their family.

    1. I am crestfallen to hear of Raymond Stevens passing. I have known him all my life. He was my father's(B.G. Schumacher)childhood best friend and lifelong friend. He delivered my sister, his children and I shared dinners, birthday parties, Halloweens, and the last time I saw him, his only concern was about my father's deteriorating health. He wasn't family but I feel like a family member has died. Did you know that as a child he always delivered every kitten and puppy in his neighborhood? I thank you Raymond Stevens for some wonderful memories. And, to Betty and his children, your husband and father made the world a better place.

      Hope Schumacher Kiel
      Austin College class of 1977

  7. Thank you all for your kind words. My family appreciates the sincere wishes of so many My father, Ray Stephens, was a remarkable man and a ROO to the end. Did you notice the flowers on his casket were crimson and gold?

    We will keep his Austin College legacy alive through the Stephens Family International Scholarship which funds Jan term experiences for students. Paraphrasing Mark Twain: Travel is deadly for prejudice.

    Martha Stephens, Class of '80